The Dance Party

Light It Up is quite simply the Worlds Wildest Glow Party blending sound, light and our resident’s skills as DJs to create an event like no other.

It is a full-on dance ‘experience’ guaranteed to thrill and excite in equal measure and is completely interactive.

Using the ton of free glow material that we supply to each event we create an event where the audience actually becomes the light show, lighting up the space in a sea of flashing bright neon.

And for those venues who want to take the show that bit further we also offer the ultimate immersive experience….

Light Controlled Lightbands Icon

 Using the same interactive technology that lit up 4 Million Coldplay fans around the world our unique ‘Lightbands’ are radio controlled LED wristbands triggered by an on-stage transmitter manned by our resident DJ.

The bands illuminate with synchronized lighting connecting the audience and putting everyone in sync. The audience is not just watching, they actually become part of the show!

Lightbands feature high power batteries and ultra-bright, state-of-the-art LEDs that will light up the whole venue.

Nobody else in the market is producing a dance party with this technology, be the first to bring it to your venue.