With superstar DJs like Skrillex and Deadmau5 selling out arena tours and with more kids picking up turntables than are picking up guitars it seems that we really are in an era where ‘everyone wants to be a DJ’.

With our unique event that’s exactly what your students will be able to do.

A DJ mixing on the latest DJ equipment technology

Your students can learn the skills required from our resident DJs at our hands-on ‘Be The DJ’ masterclass and then put them to use in front of their fellow students by spinning at our insane ‘Light It Up’ dance party.

A DJ Teaching a student how to mix music

On one side our event is a unique and truly interactive experience designed to teach students about creative expression through the hugely popular medium of turntablism and DJ culture.

A packed club enjoy the lightbands and music

On the other it’s a massive dance-party designed to drive footfall to your late night programming and most importantly to be fun! Educational, inspirational and a great night out for all.

Main Logo for Light it Up Dance Party

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