Be the DJ masterclass icon

Be The DJ is the educatiaonal aspect of our entertainment programmes and it’s all about providing learning outcomes.

We spend the first two hours of our campus visit working with your students, introducing them to the skills required to become a DJ and giving them real hands-on experience using our pro DJ rig.

The two students who show the most natural ability then get to take center stage at our ‘Light It Up’ dance party where they will actually get to spin a 20 minute DJ set in front of their fellow students using the skills acquired during our mastercalss.

For the remaining 90 minutes or so our hugely talented DJs will finish of the event by using their vast experience to deliver a dance party that nobody will forget.

An optional extra at our Masterclass is our ‘Student DJ Cam’, a live Go-Pro camera that transmits live close-up footage of what the DJ is doing on the decks on to our massive 6ft x 4ft projector screen.

We can supply screen and go-pro, meaning everyone can see both what the DJ is doing and what the students are doing as they get to grips with the equipment.

We can also record the student DJs as they play live in front of their fellow students and upload this footage to our Vimeo page.

This means the lucky students have a permanent reminder of that night where they threw it down like a superstar DJ in front of all their friends!

DJ showing the students how to mix